Checkmate in Chess Lesson

Checkmate in Chess Lesson

Why Capturing All Your Opponent’s Pieces is Unneccesary 


As covered in previous articles, such as Chess Strategy 101: 7 Basic Principles for Improving Your Chess Game, How to Play Chess, and the E-Book “The Chess Formula”, it is not necessary to capture all of your opponent’s chess pieces in order to achieve checkmate.


I recently played a match against an opponent where this greatly turned out to the base, and thought I’d share it with you fine readers of the world. 


Chess Match Video




As you can see in the chess match, my opponent was attempting to capture my King. However, with a queen and rook advantage, as well as a little strategy under my sleeve, I ended up checkmating their King within only a few moves once the opportunity presented itself. 


Rather than focusing on capturing all of my opponent’s chess pieces, as it can sometimes be tempting to do, I stayed focus on the end goal (checkmating the King), and was able to do so fairly simply once I was able to make way for the rook to place the King in check. 


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