Quick Chess Lesson – Always Keep Your Chess Pieces Protected

I played a recent chess match which offers a highly valuable lesson in the game of chess.

One of the most important aspects of the game is to always keep your chess pieces protected. The sure way to lose a chess match is by leaving pieces unprotected and in a position to be captured. (Be sure to check out our full beginner’s article: Learn How to Play Chess)

On the other side, a great way to win chess matches is by capturing your opponent’s unprotected pieces (and while making sure you’re keeping your King protected and away from checkmate.)

In this particular chess match, my opponent had their knight in my territory, and was moving around hoping to capture my rook. I moved my rook in a position to be protected by my knight, which would being a very good move later.

My opponent began setting up their queen and rook to place my King in checkmate, and I began moving the King out of the way.

Once my opponent moved their queen in a position to place my King in check, I moved my King out of the way, and there was now my rook in the queen’s line of capture.

My opponent captured my rook with their queen, only to soon realize I had a knight protecting the rook, and they ended up losing their queen, which is something no one wants to happen.

The lesson of this chess match is to always make sure to see your chess pieces protected.

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