Quick Chess Tips

When playing chess, it takes time to learn various strategies and understand the game.

Playing the game is always a great way to learn how to play chess, and then of course learning various chess strategies helps as well.

Today we’ll cover a few quick tips to help enhance your chess game.

Quick Chess Tips

1) Watch Out for & Utilize Corner Bishops

quick chess tips

A common move you’ll find in chess is a bishop being placed in a position to capture a rook once a pawn is moved. Usually the bishop will be put in place early in the chess match, and will be forgotten about. Mid way through the game, the rook ends up being captured by the bishop.

Make sure to watch out for this move, and look for opportunities to utilize it yourself.

2) Keep Pawns Protected

Pawns are always the most underrated pieces on the chessboard as there are many of them and at first glance, they don’t appear to have much value when compared to a higher ranking chess piece.

However, pawns are very powerful pieces and can many times make or break a chess match.

When making a move, always be sure you have your pawns (and all chess pieces for that matter) protected either by another pawn or a high ranking piece.

This can be especially important near the end of the chess match when pawns are being moved down the chessboard to be upgraded to a queen. When the pawns are protected this is much easier than if it’s a solo pawn that can easily be captured.

3) Utilize Placing the King in Check

Always make sure to utilize placing the king in check.

What does this mean?

It means look for opportunities to place your opponent’s King in check, and then be able to capture one of their high ranking pieces on the next move, while your opponent is forced to protect their King.

Below is a simple example demonstrating this. The King is in check by the queen, and on the next move, the queen can capture the Rook.

Chess tips

Look for these opportunities throughout the whole game though of course, and not only at the end when there’s a few pieces on the board.

On the other side, be mindful of where your King is in relation to your pieces so this does not happen to you.

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