Chess Strategy- 17 Move Checkmate

Chess Strategy

17 Move Checkmate


The video below is a recent match I played online. I was light and my opponent was dark. The game finished in 17 moves, when I placed my opponent’s King in checkmate with my queen. 

Watch the 17 move checkmate below and continue reading for key takeaways from the chess match. 

17 Move Checkmate


Key Takeaways from the 17 Move Checkmate


Capturing opponent’s bishop and knight.

Whenever my opponent places a high ranking piece within my territory, and there’s no way to capture that piece without having my own piece captured in return, I do an exchange capture. at 11 seconds, my opponent moves the bishop to place my King in check. I move my own bishop to protect the King, we then exchange capturing bishops. 

The following move, dark player moves their knight into capturing range, so I move my own knight into a position to capture. We then exchange.

It’s key to do this, whether to exchange captures or have your opponent move their piece out of capturing territory. The reason for this is later on in the chess match, those very pieces could end up preventing your King from escaping check, and end up being placed in checkmate. 


Anticipate Your Moves (Opponent moving King to h8 instead of h7)

As mentioned in “How to Play Chess” and “Chess Strategy 101“, and “Chess Tips“, anticipating your moves is a big part of the game. Had my opponent moved their King to H7, I would not have been able to move the queen to h6, and then place the King in checkmate on the following move, as the King would have been in a position to capture my queen. 


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