3 Quick Chess Tips

Today we’ll cover a quick few chess tips to help take your game next to the level.

  1. Value the Pawns

This has been written about in a few articles now including the in depth learn how to play chess article, but it’s worth repeating. Value your pawns!

Many new players tend to under value pawns when first learning chess, thinking losing just 1 or 2 pawns doesn’t matter. The more chess that is played, the sooner it is realized how each and every pawn makes a difference.

One pawn can be the difference between the game, as they can be promoted to a queen which makes them very important and powerful pieces when used correctly.

They also keep your other chess pieces protected, and can create a place for safety for the King.

2. Watch out for the Knight

While the knight is valued at the same level as the bishop, the knights can be very powerful and dangerous chess pieces.

The knights have a wide range of attack and can move around other chess pieces. When a chess player does not anticipate where their opponent’s knight may move, many times the knight ends up capturing a rook or a queen. Keep an eye on your opponent’s knight and learn how to use your own effectively.

3. Look for the Best Move

Many times, beginner and intermediate players make the mistake of capturing an opponent’s pawn, when they could have captured a high ranking piece if they took more time to look over the chessboard.

Unless your pressed for time, take the time to look over the chessboard and see where the best move is. There’s nothing worse than making a move, only immediately after to realize there was a much better move that could have been made.

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