How to Checkmate with The Rook & Bishop

How to Checkmate in Chess with The Rook & Bishop

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The rook & bishop checkmate is a bit more simple than the rook and knight checkmate, but it can still be somewhat tricky for those still learning how to play chess.


As it is possible to checkmate with just the king and rook, this is by all means a very possible checkmate. When using the rook and bishop (and King) for checkmate, be sure to use their wide range of capture to your advantage. Like with most checkmates, the key is to ensure that you are continuously moving your opponent’s King into a trapped position, so he cannot escape, and you can place the final move for checkmate.



Keys to the Rook & Bishop Checkmate


  • Make sure that you keep your King near by to protect either your rook or bishop. A major rookie mistake is attempting to capturing your opponent’s King, and allowing your opponent to capture either the rook or bishop on an angle. You can prevent this by protecting the pieces with your King.


  • Focus on continuously pushing the King toward the corner. Otherwise, it will be an endless back and forth chase.


  • Take your time. If you are new to the game of chess, don’t rush the checkmate. If your opponent’s King is attempting to capture one of your chess pieces, use their wide range of movement to your advantage and move them across the chessboard to safety.


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