How to Checkmate with the Knight & Knight

How to Checkmate with the Knight & Knight


As covered in how to move the Knights in chess, your Knights can be incredibly valuable pieces for capturing many of your opponent’s pieces. When it comes to using 2 knights and a King to checkmate your opponent, it may appear difficult at first, but with this quick tutorial, will be more simple.


How to Checkmate with the Knight & Knight


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In order to checkmate with the knight and the knight in chess, it’s important to make sure to be continuously moving your opponent’s King toward a corner, and to keep your own King near your knights to protect them.


As you can see in the photo above, the key is to have one knight ensure the King cannot move to a space out of check (g8 in the photo), and to have your own King guarding the 2 other spaces your opponent’s King could move to and avoid capture.


While it may take some more time to complete this checkmate due to the precision of getting your knights in the right position and at the right time when your opponent’s King is a position to be captured, so long as you keep the King mostly cornered, and with more practice, this checkmate will become second nature.


Also, be sure to be continuously placing the King in check, otherwise, you may end up with a stalemate, rather than a victory.



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