Chess Lesson- How a Small Mistake Becomes a Big Mistake

There’s a recent chess match that demonstrates how a small mistake can turn into a big mistake.

This happened near the end of the chess match, and the game was fairly close. However, dark player decided to make a small mistake that ended up costing them the game and allowing light player to achieve checkmate.

As shown in the video below, light player captures dark players bishop with their knight. Dark player makes a big mistake when they capture the knight with a pawn, rather than the queen.

This left the dark players King essentially trapped with no way for any other pieces to protect the King. The dark player moved their bishop in to trap the King. Within just a few moves, the King was placed in checkmate.

From just one move the game went from fairly even to over in a few more moves. When you’re beginning to learn how to play chess, this is always good to understand.

The valuable lesson here is to be mindful of what will happen after each move you make. Many times each chess match comes down to just 1 and at most 2 mistakes to be the difference between a win and a loss.

Always make sure to keep your King protected make sure there’s at least one piece that can prevent a capture such as this from occurring. One move in chess can be the difference between a win and loss.

Chess Match Video

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