Chess Match 1/31/19 – Checkmate in 13 Moves

I recently played a chess match that I’ll show to humble myself in the means of chess lessons.

I lost the match in just 13 moves, in what could have been a very preventable loss.

I failed to follow some of the most basic rules of chess, such as always protect your chess pieces and most importantly, always make sure the King is protected.

As a result, I lost the game in just 13 moves and was dealt one of my worst losses in a long time.

Key notes from the Chess Match:

A few key notes from this chess match:

  1. My opponent opens with the knight and bishop coming out onto the chessboard. This is a very common move and the goal is to have the knight be in a position to capture either the queen or rook. Be on the look out for this. It’s easily preventable by moving the pawn up as shown in the video.
  2. Always make sure the King is protected. A loss like this is something I dealt with when I was first learning chess, not now after having quite a few years of experience. Mistakes do happen though and I broke the cardinal rule of making sure my King was protected. Learn from this and always make sure your King is safe.
  3. Read the board. This ties in to point 2, but make sure to read the chessboard and plan a few moves in advance. I didn’t do this, and as a result, got focused solely on capturing my opponent’s queen without paying attention to what would happen as a result. In this case, the result being checkmate and a loss.

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