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Smooth Chess Victory

Smooth Chess Victory I recently played a chess match that has some valuable chess lessons. This victory came fairly simply, as opposed to some of the matches that involve overcoming mistakes.  Chess Lessons: Chess...

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Surprise Chess Victory

Surprise Chess Victory The following chess match I played I consider a “surprise” victory as I’m sure it came as quite a surprise to my opponent.  I had been playing poorly for most of...

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An Unlikely Chess Win – 2 Queens Vs 1

The following match I played a couple months ago and finally got around to uploading it. I made several mistakes throughout the chess match, such as giving my opponent the opportunity to capture my...

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Quick Chess Tips for Chess Beginners

Quick Chess Tips for Chess Beginners Chess Tips – Chess Strategy- Learn Chess Are you new to the game of chess? Perhaps you’ve been playing chess for quite a while and would like to...

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