The 2 General Strategies in Chess

In the game of chess, there are 2 ways to play:

  1. Offense
  2. Defense

When it comes to chess, some players may not think in these terms, but they apply very much as they would to any sport.

Today we’ll break down the 2 general strategies and how to apply them toward your chess game. Keep in mind, each of these strategies has a wide subset of their own strategies, and this is just a general covering for beginner’s.

The 2 General Chess Strategies

1. Offensive Chess

Offensive chess would mean you’re playing more to attack and capture pieces. It can involve some risk, putting out high ranking chess pieces in your opponents territory on the chessboard.

The advantage to playing more offensively is your opponent may be caught off guard or lose track of where your pieces are going along the chessboard.

The disadvantage is this can allow for a mistake to be made, and lose one of your own high ranking pieces in the process.

2. Defensive Chess

Defensive chess is about patience. The idea behind defensive chess is focusing more on protecting your own chess pieces, and waiting for your opponent to make a mistake, and capture on their high ranking pieces.

Once this happens, the strategy can turn more offensive.

The advantage to this is it tends to be a bit safer. the disadvantage is if your opponent is skilled offensively, they may be able to break down your defense.

Which chess strategy is best?

Neither strategy is better than the other. My personal preference is to play more defense in the beginning, and once I capture one of my opponent’s high ranking pieces, move toward more offense.

For those new to chess, try out both strategies, the best chess players are able to handle both very well, and adapt accordingly.

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