Chess Match 1/19/19

I recently played a chess match that offers some good insights into the game of chess.

What’s great about this match isn’t necessarily some incredible move or a fast checkmate, but what what did happen was checkmate occurred without my opponent losing too many of their own chess pieces.

This is a particularly good lesson as with many beginner’s, the focus is more on capturing their opponent’s chess pieces rather than achieving checkmate.

For those who are beginner’s, that strategy certainly works and is great when learning.

As a chess player’s skills develop though, learning how to focus on checkmate more so than just capturing pieces is what evaluates a chess players game to a higher level of playing.

Notable moments from the chess match

  1. Early in the game, I see an opportunity for checkmate with the bishop and the queen. It’s unlikely to work, as all my opponent has to do is move their pawn up one space, but worth a try. My opponent doesn’t move the pawn and leaves the checkmate open, which becomes the focus of the game.
  2. Make sure to watch all of the chessboard. My opponent had a knight protecting where I was looking to achieve checkmate. Many times it’s possible to get so focused on checkmate we forget to look at the whole chessboard.
  3. Don’t forget about protecting your own chess pieces. Early on when I was playing, I would become so focused on checkmating the King, I forgot about my own pieces and King, and would end up losing the chess match. Be sure to remember while you’re focused on capturing your opponent’s King, they’re focused on capturing your own.

Chess Match Video:

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