Smooth Chess Victory

Smooth Chess Victory

I recently played a chess match that has some valuable chess lessons. This victory came fairly simply, as opposed to some of the matches that involve overcoming mistakes. 

Chess Lessons:

Chess Lesson 1: Watch Out for the Queen Opener

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In the very beginning of the match, my opponent brings out their queen. This is a fairly common opening move and can be very devastating for the untrained player. Many times, instinct may say to move out a pawn to place the queen in a position to move or be captured. However, as discussed in the video, this allows your opponent to capture a pawn, a rook, and sometimes even a knight.

Make sure to move your knight out and protect the pawn if you find yourself in this situation. 


Chess Lesson 2: Keep Your King Protected

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My opponent makes the mistake of not keeping the King protected. All of their high ranking chess pieces were on the left side of the chessboard, and my opponent’s King was on the right. This made it fairly easy to infiltrate my opponent’s end of the board, promote a pawn, and cause my opponent to quit the game prior to be being placed in checkmate. 


Chess Lesson 3: Value Your Pawns

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I can never say this enough. Many times, pawns will be the difference in the game. Make sure to value them, capture your opponent’s whenever you can, and never underestimate the power of moving your pawns forward. Even if they don’t get promoted to queen, many times your opponent will sacrifice a high ranking piece in order to prevent a pawn promotion. 


Chess Match Video:

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