Surprise Chess Victory

Surprise Chess Victory

The following chess match I played I consider a “surprise” victory as I’m sure it came as quite a surprise to my opponent. 

I had been playing poorly for most of the chess match, allowing my opponent to capture many of my pieces without me being able to do the same in return. This includes a knight and rook captured by my opponent’s pawn.

Early on, it was looking like gave over pretty fast. However, like always, you should always play until the end, so I did. Sure enough, I was able to capitalize on 1 mistake made by my opponent, and ended up winning the game. 

There a few lessons to be taken from this chess match. (Video of the match below)


Chess Match Video:

Chess Match Lessons

Chess Match Lesson 1: Always Keep Your Chess Pieces Protected

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Rook is in position to be captured by bishop

I cover this in the learn how to play chess guide. Always make sure you keep your chess pieces protected, including your pawns. When your chess pieces are protected, it’s just a matter of capitalizing on 1 or 2 of your opponent’s mistakes. I broke this cardinal rule many times in the game, and it almost cost me. 

Chess Match Lesson 2: Analyze the Board

A major mistake I made was not really analyzing the chessboard much and just moving my pieces without looking a few moves ahead. Take some time to look over the chessboard, and play a few moves ahead. 

Chess Match Lesson 3: Never Quit

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Despite having quite a disadvantage in the game, I continued to play. If you make a couple mistakes early on, don’t quit the game. It’s always good to play these games, because it becomes a fun challenge, and becomes a learning opportunity. 

Chess Match Lesson 4: Never Assume You Have the Game Won

This is more for my opponent. My opponent, having captured quite a few of my chess pieces, and closing in on promoting a pawn to queen, began forgetting that I was still in a position to win the game and they let their guard down. As a result, I ended up winning despite playing quite poorly. 

Chess Match Lesson 5: Have Fun

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Despite playing poorly, I was still having fun with the game. It is just a game after all. Have fun, learn from mistakes, and now and then, do some crazy moves just to try them out and see what happens. 

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