An Unlikely Chess Win – 2 Queens Vs 1

The following match I played a couple months ago and finally got around to uploading it. I made several mistakes throughout the chess match, such as giving my opponent the opportunity to capture my queen (which they missed being focused on capturing my rook with their bishop instead)

A couple valuable lessons can be learned from this chess match (video of game below): 


Chess Lesson 1: Pay Attention to the Details

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Both my opponent and I made mistakes throughout the match not paying attention to everything that was happening. I gave my opponent the opportunity to capture my rook with their bishop, but then my opponent missed the opportunity to catch my queen on that same move, being so focused on capturing the rook. 

Had my opponent noticed this and not been completely fixated on the rook, they easily would have won the chess match. 

This tends to happen when a player gets excited over a planned capture, and doesn’t realize they have a better one. This has happened to me many times early on when I first began playing. I would be focused on capturing a pawn, and then miss that I had the opportunity to capture an even better chess piece. 

Always take a few moments before moving to really scan the born, both for your offensive and defensive. 


Chess Lesson 2: Never Assume the Game is Over – Focus on Checkmate

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At the end of the chess match, my opponent had a major advantage. They first had a queen and a rook against my queen, and then had their pawn reach the other side of the chessboard, and had 2 queens against my one queen. 

The trick to pulling off the win was managing to focus on capturing the King, rather than avoiding my opponent getting another queen. 

Many beginner players’ will tend to focus on avoiding the pawn from reaching the other side, but given the circumstance, it wouldn’t have made a difference. My opponent had another pawn, and then I wouldn’t have a queen to at least stand a chance. 

Learning from previous mistakes in games I played, I instead just focused on placing the King in check, and was able to capture my opponent’s Rook, and then continued to move on the King. By the time my opponent had promoted their pawn, it was too late. 

3. Never Underestimate the Pawns

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Many beginner players tend to not pay much attention to their pawns until they play opponents who value them and begin to realize just how valuable they can be. 

Always capture unprotected pawns, because when the end of the chess match nears, many times the pawns will make the difference. 

In this scenario, both my opponent and I began capturing pawns, preparing for a promotion (or in my case, attempting to prevent one.)

My single pawn left turned out to be critical, allowing for me to checkmate my opponent with the pawn protecting my queen. 


Chess Match Video:



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